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McDonalds Philippines coupons and promo codes – I’m loving it!

McDonalds Philippines is synonymous with joy as its philosophy is not only about serving good food but also offering the best moments while dining at its franchises. From the world’s best (proven) French fires to the soft and fulfilling BigMac, no one can resist a fresh-from-the-oven meal with fast services from McDonalds!

McDonalds Philippines – a fast-food revolution from the world to the Philippines

How did a small family restaurant in California evolve into what is now known as the world’s most recognized restaurant brand? Well, just like any other empire, it all began with a tiny stepping stone. The McDonald brothers – Maurice and Richard jumpstarted their F&B business back in the 1940s and their first restaurant, the precursor of McDonalds, was a drive-in BBQ restaurant named “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que”.

December 1948 marked the transformation of the store as they reformed the business to solely serve hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, and apple pies. The brothers soon simplified the name of the restaurant to McDonald’s and the concept of a fast-food chain emerged from here.

The first McDonalds’ franchise was opened by Ray Kroc in 1955 in Des Plaines. It was not until 1961 that he registered the trademark for the restaurant brand, which had already been acquired by Kroc from the McDonald brothers for $2.7 million.

Crossing over 119 countries with approximately 68 million customers served every day, McDonalds is undoubtedly the King of fast-food chains and it is also the number one choice for Filipinos when it comes to dining options.

The man who brought in the McDonalization to the Philippines was George T.Yan. The first-ever McDonald restaurant was opened in Morayta, Manila in 1981 and the merchandise went national by the year 1992. McDonalds fast-food chains have been made to be 100% Filipinos owned since 2005 following its vision “Una Sa Pamilyang Pinoy”.

McDonalds Philippines coupons and promo codes for a truly happy meal

The first and foremost attribute to McDonalds’ exceptional reputation in the F&B industry is its economical price for a complete meal menu. Now with Rappler’s McDo Web or App promos and coupon codes, you can enjoy those succulent McDo burgers together with perfectly fried fries and a refreshing sip of Coke for as cheap as it can get! How about getting your breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered right to wherever you are at a promotional price? It does not only exist in your dream, just let the brilliant coupon codes do its wonder.

How to redeem McDonalds coupons and promo codes?

  1. Scroll through the available offers on Rappler coupon page
  2. Select your desired deal by clicking on “Claim Offer”
  3. A pop-up will be triggered in which a more detailed description of the deal will be shown
  4. There is no code required for McDonalds’ promotional meals
  5. Proceed to the McDonalds’ website directly by clicking “Go to Store”
  6. You will be able to discover the special offers from McDonalds now, which usually is during their seasonal sales campaign where the discounted prices have already been applied on the meals.

There will be times when you get caught up at work hence searching for deals offered by McDonalds is rather time-consuming. This is where Rappler coupons come in handy. You will be able to run through all the valuable promos from McDonalds to quickly make your order based on your needs and wants, all in one place. So make use of these serendipitous finds to save up on your regular meals from this household favorite restaurant.

Let McDo PH deliver your meals in no time

We all have our priorities in life and eating is more often less highlighted in an ordinary day. Food delivery is therefore a brilliant service that a restaurant could ever offer to their customers. When it comes to ordering food online, there are very few restaurants that can deliver equally high-quality food in a short amount of time, no matter how far the chain is to your location, as compared to McDonalds.

Once you select the ideal promotion from Rappler and the McDonalds’ webpage is ready on your browser, just simply run through its menu in the McDelivery tab to select your meal.

For a full list of telephone numbers of each McDonalds chain in your region, you can go to the McDelivery Numbers section at the bottom of the page like the hotline in Metro Manila is 8888-6236.

We bet you cannot find any other restaurant that will deliver breakfast to your home or office as early as you want. With a too-good-to-be-true 24/7 delivery service offered, McDo delivery is truly a happiness delivery machine! You can comfortably enjoy the heart-warming pancakes with a cup of coffee for a fresh start every morning without even having to brave the traffic to get to a McDonalds restaurant.

Enjoy fast-food meals with your loved ones for long-lasting memories with McDonalds

Just as its signature “Happy meal”, McDonalds always strives to deliver happiness in every single bite of their McDo burgers especially their breakfast meals. The viral campaign “Moments of Joy” was created to spread that very special taste of joy that you are going to share with your loved ones.

Imagine sharing your McDo’s French fries with everyone around the table, laugh over someone’s jokes as you enjoy the fresh kick of its juicy beef slice in between the oh-so-wonderful burger buns, the best memories are those spent with people who we care about. Good food and good stories make the best companion for a mood booster and for that, McDonalds is indeed the source of joy in everyday life! So, always check on Rappler's coupon page for McDonald's coupon codes or free delivery codes this 2020.

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