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Grab Philippines — The new revolutionary car-booking app

Introducing the amazing Grab app that will revolutionize the way you go around the streets of the Philippines. Traffic in the capital city of Manilla can be a very unfulfilling drive especially through the roads and bridges of EDSA (it handles over 2.3 million vehicles on a daily basis!). So, why not hire a private chauffeur and enjoy a ride? Grab offers a good rate for a ride in the densely populated city centre of Manilla.

Grab is the creation of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing transportation technology mobile app, GrabTaxi. Grab offers an extraordinary way of transport as you can make your Grab booking via your smartphone at your convenience. With a few taps and slides on your phone, you very own private vehicle will be dropping by to pick you up and send you off to your next destination.

You can also be rest assured when placing your Grab bookings, as you will not only be enjoying lower Grab fares with Grab promo codes, but all Grab vehicles follow the Department Order No. 2015-011. This order ensures that all Transport Network Vehicles include SUVs, AUVs, Sedans and other similar vehicles are not more than 3 years old from the date of manufacture when registering under a TNC and vehicles can operate for up to 7 years from its date of manufacture. This means that most Grab vehicles are fairly newer (offering a safer and better-maintained condition).

Grab app that make your rides more valuable

Grab offers two types of vehicle rides:

  • Grab: Compact vehicles and Sedans
  • Grab+: Executive Sedans, AUVs and SUVs

*Rush hour rates are implemented temporarily during the day (rates may go up to 1.5 or twice the standard rate) at peak times to allow Grab drivers aka GrabPeers to accommodate all Grab requests

The greatest plus point when riding with Grab is that the fare rate is fixed regardless of route and trip duration! This means that you do not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams because Grab will not charge according to the metre like a cab and we know that Manilla traffic can be crazy at times.

Therefore, you can enjoy your Grab ride comfortably while watching videos, reading, napping, or maybe do some work, browse your emails while on the way to work or just simply enjoy the view of the metropolis’s hustle and bustle. Get the most value out of your ride as you can do other things when you’re stuck in traffic.

Grab promo codes are also offered to let ride grabbers get even more value when you book a ride.

Be in the loop for new Grab Philippines promo codes

Dear awesome Rappler readers, you have to be in the loop now to get the latest Grab Philippines promo codes. Living in a densely-populated business district and working in another can cost a lot on your monthly expenses for transportation if you are driving back and forth from work. Not only about the cost factor matter, driving through the daily traffic jam will also tire you down both mentally and physically. Let’s not forget about the parking fees, car-related spending like insurance and maintenance costs of your car and gas!

Grab can be your perfect new solution for your daily commute to work as most people nowadays have a smartphone with a data plan. Many would also avoid haggling for a reasonable cab ride home after a long day at work. Grab will essentially be a very convenient and easier solution to be your ride home. So, be in the loop for the newest Grab promo codes that may make your ride home even cheaper and help you save up.

Guide on how to use Grab promo codes

To start your extraordinary ride with Grab, just follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Grabtaxi app available for free on Android, iOS and BlackBerry stores.
  2. Perform a one-time activation and you are ready to hitch your first Grab ride.
  3. Set your pick up and drop off locations and check your fare rates.
  4. Apply Grab promo codes in the promotion box to enjoy further fare discounts.
  5. Select either Grab or go for the premium Grab+ ride.
  6. Confirm your Grab booking and your ride will come by to pick you up soon.
  7. Enjoy the ride!

Got any further inquiries? Call up Grab Philippines at +63-8837100, or email them at Grab Philippines head office is located at:

2/F ACI Group Building, 147 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227, Metro Manila.

A brand new cashless payment system will also be offered soon in the Philippines. This new GrabPay option service will accept VISA and MasterCard credit card as well as debit cards from selected banks. This service will ensure that no hidden fees for all Grab ride grabbers.

Make your first Grab booking now to experience this extraordinary ride and always get the latest Grab promo codes at Rappler’s coupon page!