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Go Classic with Levi’s Philippines Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are the ultimate wardrobe essential. It looks good on men and women. You can dress it up for a party or wear it for comfort on a day in. No other item of clothing is as versatile as the denim blue jeans and no one is more famous for making them than Levi’s. Founded in 1853 as Levi Strauss & Co., the brand has stood the test of time and the capricious tastes of the fashion world. It is now one of the very few global apparel brands to be famous for the very product that had made it a household name.

Levi’s Philippines — The Origins of Jeans

Levi Strauss was an American businessman who ran a dry goods business. Although successful by his own rights, he struck proverbial gold when he sold denim to tailor Jacob Davis, who invented jeans as we know it today and pitched the idea to Strauss. Although the term ‘jeans’ only came into use during the 1960s, the first pair of Levi’s ‘riveted trousers’ was made in the 1890s. It was sold as a sort of uniform to the labour-intensive workforce, like gold miners. Levi’s jeans further infiltrated popular fashion as it was adopted by cowboys and lumberjacks at the turn of the 20th century, and then later on in the 50s and 80s by youth subcultures such as rockers, greasers, hippies, and mods.

The Reason Behind the Rivets

Take a look at your jeans. Have you ever wondered about the tiny round metal things at the corner of the pockets? What are they for? Why do all jeans have it? In fact, those round nubs are called ‘rivets’ and they are the reason your jeans are still in one piece despite heavy handling in the wash. The rivets stop the denim material from pulling apart, which is why they are punched into the seams. This was the innovation that launched Levi’s in the early 1800s and one that ensured Levi’s longevity as a brand of denim jeans. Everyone else has just been copying.

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Pick a Cut to Flatter Your Figure

For many of us, all denim jeans are one and the same. But Levi’s invests in the careful production of jeans that suits different styles and functions. Listed below are the different cuts of Levi’s jeans you have most likely tried on without realizing.

The 500 series - The Levi’s Vintage

Levi’s 501

The Levi’s 501 is a true original. This cut of jeans has been worn since the 1890s by gold and coal miners who appreciated comfortable and durable workwear. Touted as a style essential, these jeans have been a wardrobe staple for movie stars, athletes and everything in between. These are the jeans that have “gone everywhere and done everything”.

Levi’s 502 Regular Taper Jean

This is an updated look with more room in the thigh area and a cut that tapers down to the ankles for a mod vibe.

Levi’s 505 Regular Jean

The Levi’s 505 is a popular straight fit because it's easy and uncomplicated. It’s fitted at the waist with room at the seat and a comfortable straight cut all the way down to the ankle. Perfect for those who don’t like feeling too confined by denim.

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit

The 511 series is Levi’s bestselling line of slim jeans, featuring seasonal washes that evoke adventure out in the great outdoors and a 17oz heavyweight denim that can withstand rough handling and lends a certain edge to the look.

The 700 series - Designed to Flatter

Levi’s 711 Skinny Fit

The mod, the rocker, and the hipster love skinny jeans for one simple reason: they look good. The Levi’s 711 Skinny boasts a skinny cut from hip to ankle with forgiving stretch denim that accommodates any body type. All the style without sacrificing comfort.

Levi’s 715 Boot Cut

No cut is more flattering that the boot cut, especially for those with short legs. Slim at the hips and thighs, the Levi’s boot cut has a slight flare past the knee that will help exaggerate the proportions of your legs while creating a more slimming silhouette.