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Soufeel Philippines - Delivering Exquisite Jewellery For Every Memorable Day

Founded in 2009, Soufeel believes in making and crafting delicate jewellery for jewellery lovers and enthusiasts around the world. Thanks to its own ingenuity, Soufeel is able to produce its own unique designs that spell something fresh and innovative in the world of jewellery. Within just a short time, Soufeel has proved that it knows and understands the desires and wishes of its customers as many love to order the jewellery designs from Soufeel. Despite its growing popularity, Soufeel still keeps its pricing to be competitive, meaning that everyone can purchase its products with affordable rates. Coupled with the use of authentic materials, it is not that easy to use why Soufeel continues to be a great choice for those who are looking for authenticity and original when it comes to jewellery designs. In other words, people do not want to buy something that looks very ''typical'' and donned by others; they are looking for a variety of lovely yet personalised designs that speak to their hearts instead of the mass produced jewellery that is so prevalent these days.

Why You Should Order From Soufeel Philippines

Soufeel provides world class jewellery for the right price and for the right reason. It knows that its customers should deserve more. More often than not, many consumers have suffered for paying costly jewellery that does not really suit and complement them. Not only that, many also did not have authentic materials and this can be of great concern as you are risking yourself of increasing your risks of skin infection or allergy due to unsuitable materials. Now, you do not need to worry anymore because Soufeel has taken care of everything in order to deliver products that truly bring smile to its customers' face. Soufeel's line of jewellery boasts incredible workmanship that they are even compared with other brands such as Pandora. In addition, all of Soufeel products can be easily fit and compatible in Pandora's bracelets.

Aside from its generally breathtakingly fresh jewellery designs, Soufeel ensures that all of its products to have 100% 925 sterling silver and its designs are authorized by SGS Institution, a world leading institution when it comes to testing, verification and certification of jewellery. In fact, Soufeel goes as far to guarantee that you will be compensated three times of your ordered amount if you find any of its product to be without the sterling silver. In addition, Soufeel promises that you will be satisfied with its products and services, especially its 100% satisfaction guaranteed jewellery. If you do not get the satisfaction, you can even return them for an exchange within 365 days or a year! Talk about its full time commitment in making sure that its customers can enjoy and celebrate their moments with great comfort and joy.

Soufeel Philippines Coupons & Discount Codes- How To Use Them

  1. First, find your preferred Soufeel coupons and click on "get this offer" in order to use it. (Please note that some of the deals have their own expiry dates, so make sure that you do not miss them!)
  2. Then, you will be directed to another page with a detailed instructions that show you how to use the coupon. In the absence of code, you can just click ''Go To Store'' button to choose your desired Soufeel jewellery and make your purchase at Soufeel store site by checking out.
  3. If there is a code, you just need to copy it and then click "Go To Store" button. You will be sent to Soufeel store site to choose your desired Soufeel jewellery and make your purchase. During the checkout process, remember to paste that code on the blank space below coupon code section (Underneath its heading would the sentence, "Enter your coupon code if you have one."). After that, click "Apply Code" button to make sure that your code is valid.
  4. When you have done either step 2 or 3 above, you just need to fill in your billing address (the usual).
  5. After that, you can select your preferred shipping method (either the normal or express one).
  6. Next, you can choose how to pay for your order. You can choose either PayPal or debit/credit card. (As for cards, Soufeel accepts Visa,MasterCard, JCB, Maestro and American Express.)
  7. After choosing your shipping method, you can review your order once more before clicking the "Place Order" button to complete your purchase. Enjoy your purchase!
  8. If you want to know about your expected delivery time and its status, you can go to Soufeel store site and click "Where Is My Order" that is located at the top of the main site (top right, next to the cart.
  9. However, if you have encountered difficulty such as never receive your order or others, you can click "Submit A Ticket" (after clicking Contact Us) which is located at the top of the main site. After submitting your ticket, Soufeel advises that you may wait up to 72 hours to respond to your queries as it receives large amount of emails every hour.

Soufeel Philippines - Designing Jewellery That Matters To Your Heart

We all have heard about that familiar phrase that all that glitters are not gold. This is really true when you literally spend your fortune in purchasing jewellery designs that you think will suit you. However, it turns out that your purchases have been found wanting for their deceptive qualities. Not for Soufeel, it promises both peace and joy when you have purchased them. With a wide range of jewellery (charms, bracelets, rings, earring, necklaces and many more) that you can choose, Soufeel boasts an impressive amount of experience and expertise when it comes to designing them. Coming out with over 500 different designs, Soufeel will leave you spoilt for choices. Soufeel does not believe in the concept of manufacturing jewellery as it choose to craft jewellery that really caters to its customers with a variety of preferences. In Soufeel, there will be a piece of jewellery that will suit you well!

Celebrate Every Memorable Day With Soufeel Philippines

Thanks to Soufeel, you will be able to have your own personalised jewellery that you can wear to celebrate your memorable day as well as cherish your moment. Not only that, Soufeel takes this further by encouraging you to personalize your own jewellery. Emphasizing on simplicity, Soufeel wants its designs to be easily be worn by you. Indulge in the latest collection of Soufeel jewellery as you browse through its growing lists of exquisite designs, perfect for any occasion.