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It’s difficult to think of an occasion when flowers are not the right gift because let’s face it, a bouquet of flowers is a great gift option that could never go wrong. Choosing the right flowers can be a daunting task as flowers can be mysterious and exotic; not to mention, not all people are blessed with a florist’s expertise. But worry not because QFlora has the solutions to serve all your floral needs. QFlora has the knack of making gorgeous floral arrangements into a remarkable art. From well-crafted bouquets to flowering planters, to gift baskets, finding the desired expression of your message is a breeze in their magnificent floral boutique.

Why Buy Flowers from QFlora?

Easy as 1,2,3

For some people, particularly men, it’s difficult to choose and order the right flowers. Some are too busy that when they finish work the florist is no longer open. Others come up with excuses just because they are too embarrassed to go to the florist. With QFlora, ordering flowers is as easy as 1,2,3. All they need is a little effort to go online, type in a few information (occasion, receiver, and address), and they’re good to go.

Flowers for A Whole Range of Sentiments

A well-chosen bouquet of flowers signifies a great knack of expressing your sentiments. From congratulations to gratitude to love, QFlora has all the bouquets and arrangement to find the right flowers that reflect exactly what you want to say.

Send a Message of Love with Roses

QFlora has roses you need if you're trying to woo someone or inject a dose of good old-fashioned romance into your relationship. Roses are a traditional and effective arsenal of seduction more than any other flower. Its red color is associated with love. If you're not into following the tradition, QFlora has other alluring alternatives such as lilies, orchids, wildflowers, and daisies which are also flowers symbolic of love.

Express Congratulations with Daisies

Package your bouquet with daisies as these flowers convey a triumphant spirit. Also, include a few blooms of contrasting colors to enhance the presentation. With that setup of contrasting, bright, and bold colors, you exactly express a sense of playfulness and fun.

Say Thanks with Irises

In the language of flowers, iris means "my compliments" that is why they are the right flowers for saying thanks to a friend or loved one. QFlora has irises to convey your sense of gratitude. Make a simple yet beautiful arrangement of irises, then add carnations and some complementary blooms to wrap up the gesture.

Convey Your Will to Reconcile with Yellow Roses

Make it impossible for anyone harboring a resentment toward you to hold it in longer by sending him/her yellow roses. Yellow roses are the right flowers to rejuvenate that bond that was lost when you and your friend experience conflict. Along with yellow roses, choose an assortment of blooms with warm, delicate tones with a well-thought-out note to make up for your mistakes.

Show How Much You Care with Sympathy Lilies

Send your expression of thoughtfulness with sympathy lilies to someone who has lost a loved one. Aside from sympathy lilies, you can also choose other flowers or arrangements that create a serene, positive, and uplifting mood to a sad occasion.

Enjoy Great Deals and Discounts with QFlora Philippines on Rappler

In order to take advantage of QFlora coupons and discounts on Rappler, simply take a look at the list of deals and coupon codes and choose the one that you prefer. Clicking on Get Code will send you to a new tab, then you will see the code. At the same time, another tab goes to the QFlora website. Copy the code and paste it on the designated coupon code box on QFlora website.

How to Order from QFlora Philippines

Ordering on QFlora never feels like a chore since it’s straightforward and easy. Before buying, be sure to check out QFlora’s impressive selection of fresh flowers as well as other well-crafted bouquets and arrangements. When you find the bouquet of flowers or arrangement that interest you, you can check its description to know if it’s the right one that exactly reflects your message. If you are satisfied with the item, click Continue to proceed. Next, you will be sent to a page where you can personalize your gesture with accessories such as teddy bears, balloons, chocolates, etc. Choose the best accessory to complement your message. Next, you will be directed to the shopping cart page where you can check the total price, change the quantity, and apply the coupon code that you have copied earlier on this page. Enter the coupon code, and click Checkout if you don’t want to make any changes; otherwise, continue to browse and shop for more items.

Checkout Page

  1. On this page, you will be given two options to check out: Register Account or Guest Check Out. If you opt to proceed without signing up for an account, click Guest Checkout.
  2. Next, fill in your billing address and personal details.
  3. Then, you key in the delivery details of your intended recipient.
  4. After clicking Continue, choose the delivery method.
  5. It's a good thing that QFlora Philippines accepts many methods of payment. Select the one you have on hand: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club, JCB, and PayPal.
  6. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Continue to proceed.
  7. Finally, complete the transaction by clicking Confirm Order.
  8. Just wait for the gift to be delivered to your recipient as scheduled.

Shipping and Return Policy

  1. Although QFlora Philippines delivers everywhere within the country, some remote areas will not be reachable by couriers. So, before making any purchase, email QFlora first if your intended recipient lives in a place where a courier may not be able to reach.
  2. QFlora website is always available and delivers 7 days a week. A proof of delivery is always provided upon your request.
  3. If your recipient received a damaged bouquet of flowers, it can be replaced provided that he/she returns it within 3 business days.
  4. QFlora does refunds only if the order is canceled 5 days before the date of delivery.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do contact the awesome customer service team at QFlora. You can contact them through the following digits: +1 (213) 984-1222

Or send an email at info@qflora.com