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It can be very difficult to get the item that you desire especially after reading tons of inspirations which come from many places. Not just that, it is also incredibly annoying that most stores just do not have the item that you want. Even if they do have the similar item, it does not carry the same vibe that you expect. More often than not, there are some independent boutiques and designer stores have the item that will fit your vision and theme.

That is how Popmap will solve your problem by connecting you with the friends in high places. Opening doors to the most interesting boutiques and designers from around the world, Popmap is your atlas to creatively inspired collections on the planet. From Popmap, you will be able to acquire these lovely items which can be hard to find in the market.

About Popmap - Opening New Horizons

More than just an online shopping platform, Popmap has been founded as a dedicated discovery tool which allows you to search and shop for exclusive items that you will not be find in other places. Basically, Popmap is all about doing window shopping for you as it connects you with the awesome products from designers and boutique stores. Moreover, Popmap takes great pride in raising a stronger network that encompasses even the little-known yet talented designers and boutique stores. In other words, Popmap has created a win-win solution that benefited customers and designers alike.

How Popmap Can Help You

Secure Payment

All payments are protected with bank level security of 256 bit encryption and certified secure checkout. In other words, Popmap makes sure that you will be having true peace of mind when ordering from Popmap.

Express Deliveries

When it comes to delivering your order to your doorsteps, Popmap has been committed in ensuring that your order will not be forgotten. At the same time, Popmap also makes sure that the local express deliveries of your order will be a smooth experience without any hiccups!

Focus on What You Love

Having the same passion in getting the exceptional items from talented designers and well-established boutique owners, Popmap builds a solid network of these stores so that you can find amazing designs that cannot be found elsewhere.

Getting Your Exclusive Popmap Coupons & Discount Codes

  • In order to get your Popmap coupons in Rappler, you can browse through any applicable Popmap coupons there and select the one that you like by clicking on it.
  • Click Get This Offer in it and a pop-up will appear.
  • If there is a promo code, click the Copy Code button and it will instantly transformed into Copied to show that you have copied the code. Next, click on the underlined store to go directly to Popmap website.
  • When there is no promo code, you can just proceed by clicking on the underlined store to go directly to Popmap website.

Enjoying Your Order from Popmap

The main site of Popmap is filled with some of the finest collections that you cannot find elsewhere. Moreover, these lovely items are usually come with great discounts so that you can save more and spend less at the time. Most importantly, Popmap enables you to find the items that you have been looking for.

Getting the Item/Product that You Want

Featuring categories of collections that come from many places, feel free to have a look and browse around. In order to make things even easier and convenient for you, Popmap regularly updates these collections with the latest offerings so that it saves time for you to look around aimlessly.

  1. When you have found the item/product that you have been looking for, all you need to do is to click on it.
  2. As it directs you to the page of that item/product, you will discover its description and other important information.
  3. In addition, you can even take a closer look of that item/product. At the same time, you can get further help in asking more question about the item/product via phone, live chat or even email (all of them have been shown in the middle of page so that you can ask without any hesitation).
  4. Once you have decided, you can click Buy now in order to add it into your shopping bag. A small pop up will appear and show you about the details of your order. If you want to continue shopping, you can click the X on it so that you can continue shopping. Otherwise, you can review your order and add promocodes (if applicable).
  5. Regarding promocodes, you can use the promocode that you copied earlier from Rappler under the Promocodes subsection by clicking the Add a promocode and entering that said promocodes. After that, it will be verified to show that your promocode is valid to be used for your order. Click Next to proceed to the next section.
  6. On the next section, you should fill in your delivery address. If you want to use a separate address for the billing address, you can untick the box below and enter your preferred billing address. When you are satisfied, click Next to continue.
  7. Once again, you will be shown about your order. This time, you can view about the delivery time and charge of your order. Now, it is the time to click Next to proceed to conclude your order.
  8. Popmap accepts payment with your credit card (Mastercard, Visa or AMEX) or PayPal. Choose one and make your payment. When that is done, you can expect confirmation that your order has been completed.
  9. So, sit tight and relax while waiting for your order to arrive in no time!

Contact Information

If you have other questions that you want to ask, you can contact Popmap via:




+852 8191 5208

Monday to Friday 8am – 11pm HKT

Saturday to Sunday 9am – 9pm HKT

Live Chat Support

You can talk to someone from Popmap team via Live Chat Support that is found in the website.