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his is the official coupons and promos page for JMB Albay Gadgets, where you are able to gain access to exclusive deals that you can apply when shopping for electronic gadgets online at JMB Albay Gadgets!

Taking A Look at JMB Albay Gadgets' Background

JMB Albay Gadgets is an online electronics store that was established in the Philippines since 2012. The company is gradually making a mark in the e-commerce sphere in the country, especially when it comes to providing an extensive product portfolio in electronics and gadgets. Parallel with their vision to be known as the leading distributor of genuine and the latest gadgets and accessories in the Philippines, JMB Albay Gadgets offers a wide selection of more than 100 products in various categories such as laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, personal computers and gadgets accessories. If you are a techie or a geek (and proud of it!), JMB Albay Gadgets is literally paradise!

Hence, if you want to know more about where to get the best price for an iPad Mini in the Philippines, or if you want to buy a new laptop without breaking the bank, then head over to JMB Albay as it sells its products at reasonable prices. Moreover, with the promo codes and discounts available on Rappler.com, you are able to gain even more incredible value while shopping at JMB Albay’s online store!

Why You Should Shop at JMB Albay Gadgets

Life is all about making choices. At JMB Albay Gadgets, you will be spoilt for choice with the variety of selections available for each category. Moreover, JMB Albay Gadgets ensure that you only get genuine products from their site. Hence, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that all the gadgets you buy via JMB Albay Gadgets are guaranteed to be original!

Shop for Your Favourite Electronics at JMB Albay Gadgets with Discounts and Promo Codes on Rappler.com!

How to Get JMB Albay Gadgets’ Discount Code and Exclusive Deals on Rappler.com

  1. Head to JMB Albay Gadgets coupons page on Rappler.com to check out all the available deals that are currently available.
  2. Upon identifying the discount promo that you are interested in, click on the orange “Get Code” button to be directed to the discount code. Some of the promos do not require specific codes, which are indicated by the dark blue “View Deal” buttons. A pop-up page will then appear.
  3. On the pop-up page, just copy the code if there is a code generated. If no coupon code is generated, that means that the discount is automatically applicable for your purchases, so simply go ahead and click on the link provided to head directly to JMB Albay Gadgets website to start shopping.

How to Shop Online at JMB Albay Gadgets

The layout of JMB Albay Gadgets’ is very user-friendly and organized, so you can navigate easily through the website to search and purchase your favourite gadgets. Read on below for a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to shop at JMB Albay Gadgets.

  1. For first time users, you have to create an account on the site before you can proceed to buying. Click the Login / Register button at the top right corner of the page. Simply key in a legitimate email and password and click REGISTER. Once that is done, you can log in into the account.
  2. Once you are logged in, search for the products that you are looking, either by browsing through the website or by keying in the product in the search bar on the top right of the page. Click into the product once it appears on the screen.
  3. Read the description provided and choose the specifications you would like on the product, as the price of the product might vary depending on the features chosen. To know the final price of the gadget, choose the specification of it by pointing to the choose option box and clicking it (colour, memory capacity, et cetera). If you come across products that do not have option boxes, it means that the price shown is the only and finalized price of the object.
  4. Upon completing filling up the specifications that you prefer, just click Add to Cart and the product will automatically be included into the shopping list.
  5. This will bring you to the Cart, where you are able to view the number of products that you have ordered and the final total amount of the products.
  6. Here, you can choose to Continue Shopping if you want to proceed with your shopping or Check Out if you are done shopping.
  7. Here you can just fill up the form with the Billing Details. This is also where you can insert code that you copied earlier at the space provided.
  8. JMB Albay Gadgets accepts payment via bank transfer or PayPal payments, so you can choose either one to pay for your products.
  9. Click Place Order and a verification email will be sent to your email.
  10. After your payment has been made, just click on confirm payment and fill out the required filled as indicated after which you will receive a verification email again once the payment has been cleared.
  11. All you need to do next is to wait patiently for your products to be delivered straight to your homes.

Now that you know about JMB Albay Gadgets, be sure that you do not miss out on these promos for you to get more values when you purchase your next gadget at JMB Albay Gadgets! With the promos and discount codes on this page, you can enjoy your retail therapy that much more as you enjoy even more savings!