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HotelQuickly: All About Last Minute Travels

This startup’s journey began when the founders who were travelling for business throughout Asia, realized that they needed a tool that would make last-minute booking simpler. They eventually gathered a team of talented people across the world to change the way people travelled by building a site for spontaneous travel. This then led to the launch of HotelQuickly in March 2013. With offices across the region and headquarters in Bangkok and Hong Kong, HotelQuickly rapidly became a leading company in the travel industry.

How to Use Your HotelQuickly Coupons in Rappler

  1. Browse through the different types of coupons and voucher codes available on this site.
  2. Once you’ve found the most applicable coupon or voucher, click on either “Get Code” or “View Deal”.
  3. When you click on the “View Deal” button, you can be redirected to HotelQuickly’s website by clicking on “Go to Store”. On the other hand, for the button “Get Code”, a window with the code for you to copy will appear. Copy the code either by highlighting the code, right-clicking it and selecting copy from the drop-down or simply enter cntrl-c.
  4. After copying, click on the orange “go to store” to be redirected to HotelQuickly’s website.
  5. To book your accommodation, start by entering your desired hotel, location, or landmark to look for the closest and most appropriate stays depending on your convenience.
  6. Then, enter your check-in and check-out date as well as selecting your currency before selecting “Search”.
  7. Your search results will appear on the next page where you can choose to narrow down your search by filtering the results.
  8. Located on the left of the page is the “Amenities” section which displays Wi-Fi, Car Park, Gym, Pool, and Airport Shuttle. If you require that your stay NEEDS to have any one of these options, click on your desired icon followed by the green “Confirm” button.
  9. The results will be altered to only display those with your chosen amenities. You can easily remove your filters with the “Clear Filter” option right below the “Confirm” button.
  10. You can also arrange how you want your results displayed; on the top right, click on “Recommended” which will arrange the results based on price and ratings.
  11. While browsing through the number of hotels available, you can click to view in further detail.
  12. If you’re set on your choice, double check the booking summary located on the right. Details displayed include name of hotel, type of room, dates, and price.
  13. You can easily change your room selection from the options available on the page which will immediately change your booking summary.
  14. Once satisfied, click on “Book Now”.
  15. You will be prompted to enter your personal details like your name, email address and your phone number.
  16. After clicking on “Next”, you will be redirected to a page for you to key in your credit card and billing details. There will be an option to enter your previously copied coupon code which will be immediately applied to your total price.
  17. Once you’ve filled that up, check your booking summary one last time (play close attention to the dates chosen and the room type) and then finish up by clicking on “Proceed Payment”.
  18. You’re done! What’s left is to book your flight tickets (if you haven’t) and pack your bags for your trip! It is THAT hassle-free!

How to Download and Use the HQ App?

No time to access your computer? HotelQuickly has just the solution for on-the-go people like yourselves. Simply download the HotelQuickly app from the Play Store or App Store. You can even get them to send you the download link to your handphone by entering your phone number on their website. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these easy steps below to be able to book your next trip whenever and wherever you are!

  1. Upon opening the app, click on “Start your adventure” if you have not previously created a HotelQuickly account. Otherwise, click on the underlined link “I already have an account”.
  2. Create an account by entering your name, email address, and password. Otherwise, you have the option of opening an account via Facebook.
  3. Once you’ve created your account, you can browse through the selection of hotels and stays they have on their domain.
  4. For a more specified search, enter your destination of choice at the top bar. After that, choose your travel dates by clicking on the top-left option. To filter even more, select the top-right option too!
  5. When you’ve found your desired stay, click on it and select your room via the option at the bottom of the page.
  6. Once you’ve selected your room, and you’re satisfied with the details and amenities, click on “Book now”.
  7. After keying in your payment details, you will notice a sentence in blue, “Got a promo code to redeem?” Paste the previously copied promo code and click on “Redeem”.
  8. Your discount will be applied immediately after which, you can finish up by clicking on “Pay”.