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Buffet 101 Philippines promo codes and discount coupons - Eat all you want!

“What shall we eat today?”

That is the million-dollar question we ask every day. The thought of heading out in traffic in the hustle and bustle of the city just to get food could be haunting. But what if I told you that there is a place with a huge variety where you’ll find a dish for any day, any appetite? “Where?” you ask, only at Buffet 101!

Buffet 101 is the ultimate eatery for a 5-star dining. Specializing in international cuisine, Buffet 101’s selection of Western delights, seafood, local delicacies, Asian food, cold cuts, assorted meats, soups, salads, delicious fruits and exotic desserts will tickle your taste buds. Follow the links below to get more information on Buffet 101 promos and prices for 2020.

A pleasant atmosphere with Buffet 101

Ambience can make or break your dining experience. Buffet 101’s dining atmosphere provides you and your family and friends with an experience like no other. Much like a hotel banquet environment, Buffet 101 inculcates a cosy, yet classy setting for you to enjoy your meal at an affordable price. The organized layout of the buffet allows for easy access to your favourite foods. There are even foods prepared fresh before your eyes.

Savour the tantalising tastes of food from all over the world with the best of Pinoy hospitality when you dine at Buffet 101!

Buffet 101 promotion in the Philippines

Finding food has never been this exciting, because now, Buffet 101 promos offer unbeatable value for your money. Dining expensive is now a thing of the past with Buffet 101 promos. They offer senior citizen discounts and great birthday promos. They also have vouchers from metrodeal. Check out the following offers for rousing appetites.

Buffet 101 Birthday Promo

It’s your birthday! Bring the whole family to Buffet 101 and eat to your heart’s delight. You’ll have plenty of time to decide who to bring along for this fancy dinner as the birthday promo lasts for at least a week. Look out for Buffet 101 Birthday Promo that gives you a one-time free dining valid for a month with terms and conditions.

PS: Remember to bring proof of your identification. ID or driver’s license or passport would do just fine.

Buffet 101 Elderly Promo

Buffet 101 also rewards the elderly. For those in their golden age of 70 years and above, there are promos for up to 50% discount at selected stores. Bring Lolo and Lola there for a treat with the best Buffet 101 elderly promos.

Buffet 101 Graduation Promo

For those who just graduated, Buffet 101 has a great offer for you. Watch out for Buffet 101 Graduation Promo. Buffet 101 Graduation Promo usually provides one fresh graduate with a free lunch buffet when he/she dines with 9 others. So bring your friends and get your meal on.

Buffet 101 Back-to-School Promo

When school starts, look out for the Buffet 101 Back to School promo. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the offers that Buffet 101 has.

Buffet 101 Big Group Promo

Bring a big group to eat and save, save, save! With Buffet 101 Big Group Promo, you can have a good time with your buddies while getting your favourite food in an awesome environment.

Buffet 101 Anniversary Promo

Celebrate your yearly anniversary at Buffet 101 with the Anniversary Promo. Look out for this exceptional promo available from time to time. Enjoy up to 50% discounts (depending on how many years you’ve been married). Just remember that only married couples are eligible for this discount.

How to get Buffet 101 Promos and Coupons

First, we have to distinguish between Buffet 101 promos and coupons. The main difference between promos and coupons is that for promos you just need to find out when their promo is on, find out if you’re eligible and head there during the promotion period to redeem.

Coupons on the other hand, are redeemable by copying the online code and pasting it in the designated coupon website, make a payment, and print the offer. You then take the printed offer to Buffet 101 to redeem your buffet meal.

Here are some things to take note of when using Buffet 101 promos or coupons:

  1. Always check the validity of the promo and see if you are eligible (within the age or criteria stated).
  2. Always call in to book for reservations before going in to dine.
  3. If you are using a printed voucher or promo, be sure to bring your printed copy to the restaurant when you intend to redeem it.
  4. Cancellations should be done at least one day prior to set appointment.
  5. Most promos are not valid for public holidays, so do check the

Buffet 101 branches and locations

So head on down to the nearest Buffet 101 restaurant and grab these fantastic deals!

Not sure where the nearest branch is? Here are some Buffet 101 branches and location you can find. You may also get their contact number per store location.

  • Buffet 101 Glorietta
  • Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia
  • Buffet 101 Moa
  • Buffet 101 Eastwood
  • Buffet 101 Makati
  • Buffet 101 Cebu City
  • Buffet 101 ATC
  • Buffet 101 SM Clark
  • Buffet 101 Magnolia
  • Buffet 101 Alabang

More information on Buffet 101

Thinking of eating big this week? Need more information? Log on to Buffet 101’s Facebook page website to find the latest deals and promos going on. Find out if you’re eligible for the best food deals. Be a foodie with the best option for fine dining in the Philippines. And now, with Rappler’s coupon page, you’ll find the latest deals on Buffet 101 promos.