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You have got to admit it; you rarely see someone without a gadget on them. Be it a smartphone, a tablet, even a wristband that tells you how much fat you are burning; gadgets are a large part of our daily lives regardless of what your stand is. Hailing from the prospectus lands of the Philippines, YouPoundit was founded by a visionary by the name of Kristian Salvo, who is a tech geek amongst other labels. Kristian believed that having a platform for consumers to browse, compare, select, and purchase gadgets as an ideal business, even more so to cater the growing demand of e-commerce in the South East Asia regions. YouPoundit is also headed by two other visionary individuals; Mark Reyes and RA Rivera. Mark heads the Business Development branch, while RA is entitled the Traffice Enforcer. With the three of them sitting in a room with their laptops and heads pushed together, they make YouPoundit a very pounding online e-commerce platform for customers to browse, compare, select, and purchase gadgets and more!

The YouPoundit website promises a combination of curated brands that are both authentic and with full warranty, a fun and engaging content presentation, and a pounding-good flair in customer service. The website features phone, tablets, cameras, wearables, laptops, computers, memory storages, powerbanks, audio, bags and carry cases, toys, and games. They also feature their very own Poundit Merchandise which you can purchase straight from the website.

Apart from showcasing their available products, they also have a special Fun Stuff section that allows you to view Poundit Videos that encompasses reviews, tips, and unboxings. There is also a simple digital magazine that opens up the world of digital lifestyle and also weekly quizzes to generate your chances to win special deals and merchandise.

Poundind Deals and Promos Your Way: A YouPoundit Promise

The very first thing suggested if you like YouPoundit is to give them a fistbump by subscribing to their newsletter. With the promise of good customer service, you will be in the inside loop of what’s new and what’s hot on the website. Apart from getting information on the latest and the most popular products on the website, you will also be one of the first to know the best deals and coupons the site has to offer.

Right now, the most popular brands on YouPoundit are:

Pay with Pesos, Pound with YouPoundit

Okay, now that you have browsed through the available products and you want to proceed with the payment. Here’s how to do it:

  • You click on the “Check out” button in your cart
  • Full up the Customer Information then click on the “Continue to Shipping Method” button
  • You can now choose how you want to get your order, either by delivery or pickup. Click “Continue to Payment Method” button
  • In order for you to finalize your order, you need to do a final review of your choices (shipping and purchase) and then you can click “Complete Order” button.
  • YouPoundit will send you a confirmation email and all you need to do now is wait!

Payment of your purchases are as follow:

  • Cash-on-delivery (COD) Nationwide
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Band Deposit/Online Transfers (BDO Savings Accounts): Name – Poundit, Inc., Account Number: 002340183622, Send a picture of the deposit slip or bank transfer copy to

Discount Coupons; You Want It, YouPoundit!

Opting for a new pair of headphones? Why not use a YouPoundit coupon to get 50% off of it? Yes, it’s totally serious. YouPoundit offers its deals in the form of Poundit Deals which encompasses the items/series below:


These deals change every so often and subscribing to their newsletter would be a great boost for you to keep updated with which deals are on-the-go. You might be wondering how, where, and when to use these coupons. Well, it’s relatively simple. YouPoundit reserves a special space for you to enter the coupon discount codes. This particular space is placed on the right side of the payment method screen (after clicking the “Checkout” button). There, you can paste the coupon discount code and be on your way to enjoying the discounted prices of YouPoundit products.

Bro-Fisting Customer Service with YouPoundit

Apart from offering great products with even greater promotions and discounts that come along with coupons, YouPoundit is very well-known for its great customer services. You can reach them via phone calls, mobile numbers, a dedicated email address, they also do a dedicated chat support that is available Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm. On top of that, you are also free to drop by their office for their “undivided attention” in accordance to your worries, concerns, or suggestions. So, why wait? Ready your fist and fist bump YouPound it now!

Rule of thumb when shopping online, always be careful and double check every webpage that you are inputting your personal details (this includes your bank account and credit card details). There are too many occurrences where people are scammed for the personal details and in the end, they lose a lot of credibility along with their money.

So, with that said and stressed-on, you can now get the best deals you can have with YouPoundit and get that gadget you have been wanting. And don’t forget to use the coupons you can find here!