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    Get 10% off on storewide discount

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PinasFlower Philippines: Putting a Smile on People’s Face

You shouldn’t need a reason to put a smile on someone’s face especially if it’s a loved one. Here at PinasFlower, you’ll be able to send fresh flowers, cakes, and gifts nationwide in the Philippines. With just a click away, making someone’s day has never been so easy! With the quality control conducted at PinasFlower, you can be assured that every fresh flower order to ever leave the premises have been thoroughly inspected and checked before being shipped off to your recipient.

Founded in 2002, PinasFlower has been delivering beautiful fresh flowers to millions of people in the Philippines. Since they’ve opened, PinasFlower remain ahead of its competitors by carrying out a few core beliefs Firstly, PinasFlower makes sure that every effort has been made to assist their customers should they have any problems and queries. Apart from that, only the freshest and highest quality of flowers are used for every delivery and this ensures only the prettiest flower arrangements get sent out. PinasFlower Philippines’ delivery services are carried out by paying close attention to the customer’s specification.

Why PinasFlower?

Shopping on PinasFlower is convenient making sure that your effort to make someone else’s day remain hassle-free. From the products available on the website, you can choose from an array of over 2000 products. Among the choices are fresh bouquets, arrangements, gift baskets, and plants for any occasion. For the ultimate bonus, PinasFlower offer a same-day delivery throughout the Philippines keeping you out of trouble should you have accidentally forgotten somebody’s special day!

How to Use Your PinasFlower Coupons and Promo Codes in Rappler

  1. Go through the different types of coupons and voucher codes available here on Rappler.
  2. When you have found your preferred coupon or voucher code, click on either “Get Code” or “View Deal”.
  3. A window will appear once you’ve selected the “View Deal” option where you can redirect to PinasFlower’s website.
  4. If your coupon choice is listed as “Get Code” instead, copy the voucher code shown.
  5. Redirect yourself to PinasFlower’s website after copying the code.
  6. Choose from their selection of flowers, roses, or plants for happy occasions or sympathetic events.
  7. Look through the website by hovering your cursor over a category to reveal its sub-category.
  8. To purchase items, immediately add it to your cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” icon.
  9. The flowers or gifts in your cart will be displayed in the basket located on the top right of the webpage.
  10. If you have any more gifts to purchase, you can just resume browsing. If not, you can view your basket and checkout by hovering your cursor on “shopping cart” to click on either “View Cart” or “Checkout”.
  11. Under the “What would you like to do next?” question in your shopping cart tick the “Use Coupon Code” box and enter your promo code in the space provided before clicking on “Apply Code”.
  12. The total price located on the right will be reduced after applying your coupon.
  13. Click on the “Checkout” option and choose from two checkout options - either register an account or proceed using a guest checkout.
  14. If you are a returning customer, simply enter your email and password.
  15. To register an account, fill in your billing address as well as the recipient’s name, email address, and telephone number.
  16. Choose a password which will be required for future logins and enter the code displayed in the box before agreeing to the privacy policy and selecting “Continue”.
  17. Repeat the steps for the guest checkout excluding the password selection.
  18. Next, select your delivery methods. (Charges may vary depending on different delivery methods so check for the extra delivery costs)
  19. Enter your credit card details for payment, double check the items in your cart and hit on “Checkout”.
  20. And you’re done! You can be assured that you’ll be putting a huge smile on somebody’s face!

Different Roses and their Meanings

You heard that right, different colour roses represent different meanings. So, to refrain from sending the wrong message, read through this segment first before selecting your choice of roses! Red roses represent love, devotion, and romance. In 10, it means “you’re perfection” and in 12, it conveys “I love you” and “be mine”. These are perfect option to represent your passionate love. Yellow Roses on the other hand, represent joy, friendship, as well as a “get well soon” memo. This colour of roses sends a message of platonic love without the romantic context. The colour is also a happy colour intending to brighten up someone’s mood.

Dark pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation and are given as a symbol of thanks. However, the lighter pink roses are linked to gentleness and admiration – perfect for your crushes! Traditionally, white roses symbolize true love. Also known as the bridal rose, the white blooms represent virtue, unity, and the pureness of new love. Apart from that, you have orange roses that symbolize a bridge between friendship (yellow) and love (red). These are usually given as an expression of fascination or as a way of saying “I’m proud of you”.