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    Get 10% off on all orders

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    Free delivery on your favorite perfume


PhilPerfume: The Pioneer of Authentic Fragrance in the Philippines

Specializing in supplying authentic fragrances in the whole of Philippines, PhilPerfume is a part of division within FastNet Communications. It was established in 2002 and was registered in the Department of Trade and Industry in Manila, Philippines. The main idea behind PhilPerfume is to supply its consumers with authentic perfume in the cheapest available market price. By focusing on ensuring that their consumers only receive the highest quality products and the most efficient service, PhilPerfume has become a well-known brand that ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

PhilPerfume offers a wide range of fragrances so that you are guaranteed to find something suited to your taste. From the latest best-selling perfumes to the rare and sometimes even discontinued fragrances, you can find it all here at PhilPerfume Philippines. The fragrances carried by PhilPerfume are only by genuine brand names – you can rest assured that the perfumes found here do NOT contain knock-offs, imitation or even fake fragrances.

Why are the Fragrances on PhilPerfume Cheaper?

The only reason why the price of fragrances found here are lower than the market rate is because PhilPerfumes purchase the perfumes directly from the manufacturers in bulk which results in low prices for you! What’s even better news is that you’d be able to enjoy great savings with the coupons and promo codes on top of the already low prices offered by PhilPerfume. So, continue reading to find out more!

How to Use Your PhilPerfume Coupons and Promo Codes in Rappler

  1. Browse through the different types of coupons and voucher codes available here on Rappler.
  2. When you have found your preferred coupon or voucher code, click on either “Get Code” or “View Deal”.
  3. For the “View Deal” option, a window will appear and after you click on “Go to Store”, you will be redirected to PhilPerfume’s website.
  4. If you’ll have to select on “Get Code”, simply copy the code that shows.
  5. Once you’ve copied the code, redirect your browser to PhilPerfume’s website.
  6. You can choose your pefume through the displayed categories on the top left corner of the website. Otherwise, scroll further down to choose from the brand names PhilPerfume have on the website.
  7. Haven’t found anything you like? Scroll further down to reveal the featured perfume and fragrances on their page.
  8. When you’ve found your desired scent, you can immediately add it to your cart by clicking the purple “Add to Cart” icon.
  9. By clicking on “View Basket”, you will be asked for a discount code or reward points you’d wish to claim or even to estimate your delivery costs.
  10. Tick the “Use Coupon Code” box and enter your coupon code in the space provided before clicking on “Apply Code”.
  11. You will notice that the total price located on the right will be reduced after applying your coupon.
  12. Click on the purple “Checkout” option.
  13. Choose to either register an account or proceed using a guest checkout. If you are a returning customer, enter your email and password on the right.
  14. To register an account, fill in your billing address as well as the recipient’s name (this is for those who are purchasing the perfume as a gift and intend on sending it to the person directly), email address, and telephone number.
  15. Choose a password which will be required for future logins and enter the code displayed in the box before agreeing to the privacy policy and selecting “Continue”.
  16. For the guest checkout, the process and details entered are the same except for choosing your password.
  17. Select your delivery methods and take note that different delivery methods and carriers might impose varying costs so make sure you check for the extra delivery costs.
  18. Then, enter your credit card details for payment. Before hitting on the “checkout” option, double check the items in your cart one last time! You wouldn’t want a wrong order sent to your doorstep.
  19. And you’re done! All that’s left is to wait for your new fragrance from PhilPerfume Philippines to arrive!

Different Perfume Types

There are different type of perfumes and depending on your uses, some may prove to be more suitable than the rest. Parfum, which is also known as extrait de parfum has the highest fragrance concentration at 20% to 30%. Due to the high perfume concentration, these are the most expensive type of perfume but will grant you wear-time of six to eight hours. With a concentration of 15% to 20%, the Eau de parfum will last up to five hours and is one of the most common types of perfumes available.

Following next with a concentration of 5% to 15%, the eau de toilette is considered one of the most popular perfumes available. These can last from two to three hours and are more commonly coined as a type of fragrance for daywear. Last but not least, the eau de cologne has a much lower fragrance concentration than the types above at 2% to 4% and is the cheapest in the range. Eau de cologne also comes in a bigger bottle than the other perfume types.