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  • Get up to 40% off on Mango July sale for men

    Get up to 40% off on Mango July sale for men

  • Up to 70% off on Mango collection for women

    Up to 70% off on Mango collection for women


Mango Philippines Coupons, Discount Codes & Promo Codes

About Mango Philippines – Mustering the Strength of Sophistication

From the opening of its first store on the Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona) in 1984, Mango has been expanding rapidly into one of the most leading brands in the realm of fashion. In 1988, Mango boasted around 13 sales outlet in Spain. After four years, Mango decided to expand into the overseas market with the opening of its two stores in Portugal. Then, Mango opened its 100th store in Spain in the following year. Thanks to the combination of its business management system and sophisticated fashion trends, Mango rose as the iconic face of contemporary fashion. Building its strength of elegant clothing design, Mango receives overwhelming support by the fashion community as its stylish collections are simply distinctive. Hence, Mango will help you to stay one step ahead of others when it comes to expressing your refined tastes.

Mastering Your Own Style

Mango believes that its unique sense of style enables you to exude your sophisticated vibe effortlessly. Not just that, Mango also makes it possible for you to master your own style so that you do not have to follow other passing fads for the sake of change. In other words, it is about crafting your own timeless fashion statement that will last until the end of time. Most importantly, Mango offers you the opportunity of enjoying your own personal look with its well-tailored clothing designs. This means that you will be filled with confidence since you are channeling your own unique character.

Get Your Special Mango Coupons, Discount Codes & Discount Codes

  • In Rappler, you will be able to browse through countless exciting Mango deals in the Philippines or promotions which you cannot refuse!
  • When you are browsing them, all you need to do is to pick the one that you are interested in.
  • For the Mango deals that have promo code, they will be shown with their Get Coupon Code button.
  • If there is no promo code, it will be shown with "Get This Offer" button instead.
  • Clicking either one will enable a pop-up screen to appear and it will provide the link to the main website of Mango. (Remember to copy promo code by hitting the Copy Code for the Mango deals that have them before going to Mango's website.)

Shopping for the Finest Mango Philippines Collection in Simple Steps

  • From Rappler, you will be sent immediately to the main website of Mango.
  • Once you have reached the website, you will be thrilled to discover that Mango boasts an impressive array of stylish collections that will make your day. Most importantly, all of them are incorporating the latest fashion trends in the signature style of Mango. Not just that, Mango also offers tons of exciting sales and promotions which make your shopping experience to be awesome.
  • As you are browsing around in Mango, you can check out its latest products or promotions. In fact, the Mango Philippines website makes it even easier for you to know about them since it displays all of them in the main page.
  • If you have found a Mango product that you like, just click on it so that you can read more about it. Furthermore, you can even take a closer look of the product to make sure that you love to get it!
  • When you have decided to buy it, please make sure that you choose its right size and color. Interestingly, you will notice that there is a Complete your outfit subsection below and it will recommend you about other Mango designs that you should check out to get the perfect look.
  • After that, click Add to Bag to include the product in your order. Then, a small pop-up screen will appear at the right side of the website. It will show a small summary of your order and you can click Checkout if you want to make an order immediately. Otherwise, feel free to look and shop around for more Mango products.


  • First, you will be asked to login with your registered account if you are a returning customer or enter your email address to proceed with your purchase.
  • If you choose the latter approach, you need to fill in your personal details. Before proceeding to the next page by clicking Continue, you can enter your own password if you want to make a new account.

Shopping Basket

  1. On this page, you will be shown about a summary of your order and other relevant details. You should review your order and make any changes accordingly.
  2. Next, you can enter your gift voucher, promotion or discount card under the Promotion Code or Gift Voucher subsection. This is where you can paste the coupon code that you copied earlier from Rappler. Click Confirm in order to verify and apply the coupon code in your order.
  3. Then, choose your preferred delivery method to ship the order. Before scrolling down to make payment, make sure that everything about your order and other relevant details (your personal details and shipping address) is correct.
  4. Regarding the Payment Method, Mango Philippines accepts card with either Visa, Mastercard or Visa Electron. After entering your important card details, click Confirm Payment to conclude your order.
  5. Upon the completion of your order, you will get a notification that your order has been confirmed.
  6. Congratulations! Just sit back and relax for the arrival of your order.

Important Information that You Should Know

Order Tracking

You can go to the My Account section in the Mango's website to track your order. From there, click My Orders and you will be able to check the status of your order. If you have yet to register with their website, you can access directly in the Orders section by entering your email address and order number.

Contact Information

If you have any queries, you can always contact the helpful people from Mango via phone at (+34) 93 860 24 24.