Coupons on DynaQuest PC


  • New offer on DynaQuest PC special sale

    New offer on DynaQuest PC special sale

  • Free delivery with min spend P2000 on Manila area

    Free delivery on Manila area with min spend P2000

  • P350 on GoPro Hero accessories

    P350 on GoPro Hero accessories


DynaQuest PC Philippines Coupons & Discount Codes

About DynaQuest PC

Making a strong impression in the IT market in Philippines, DynaQuest PC has emerged as one of the top shopping destination for any Juan that desires to be a part of PC Master Race community. In addition, it boasts an amazing array of products that you can get without much trouble at all. Since its inception, DynaQuest PC has been greeted with much enthusiasm from the gaming community. This is unsurprising since DynaQuest PC has a proven track record in fulfilling numerous orders effortlessly. From simple peripherals or computer components to powerful desktops, DynaQuest PC can provide these products to you. Hence, DynaQuest PC should be your best choice when it comes to getting your products.

Why You Deserve the Best from DynaQuest PC

Tons of Latest Products

Thanks to DynaQuest PC, you do not have to worry about whether the latest products that you see on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or news will be out of your reach. Before you know it, DynaQuest PC has been able to acquire the latest gear in the market. More often than not, you can even pre-order them before their official release.

Excellent Customer Service

When you are placing an order from DynaQuest PC, you should not expect anything less from DynaQuest PC because they are dedicated in making sure that you can receive your beloved products in no time. Moreover, you will be getting undivided attention from its dedicated team of people who will be working around the clock to ensure your order will reach at your doorsteps.

Getting Your Exclusive DynaQuest PC Philippines Coupons & Discount Codes

  1. In order to get your DynaQuest PC coupons on Rappler, you can browse through any applicable DynaQuest PC coupons there and select the one that you like by clicking on it.
  2. Click Claim Offer in it and a pop-up will appear.
  3. If there is a promo code, click the Copy Code button and it will instantly transformed into Copied to show that you have copied the code. Next, click on the underlined store to go directly to DynaQuest PC website.
  4. When there is no promo code, you can just proceed by clicking on the underlined store to go directly to DynaQuest PC website.

How to Order Your Favorite Products from DynaQuest PC

  1. When you have reached the main website of DynaQuest PC, take a look around and browse around for any products that you are interested. At the same time, you should look out for exciting deals and offers in the site. Not only that, DynaQuest PC also comes with incredible freebies for certain purchases.
  2. Once you have found the product that you want, you can check it out and just click the Add (the one that contains cart icon next to it) in order to include it in your order.

(Pro Tip: Once you have clicked the Add button, the button now changes to the one that contains check mark or tick in it. You will notice that there will be a new cart button next to it and clicking will bring you directly to the cart page if you want to checkout soon.)

  • After clicking it, you will notice that there will be changes on your top right of the menu in the site. First, it shows the value of your order. Secondly, you will see about the quantity of your item that you order.
  • If you do not have any item to add to your shopping cart, you can proceed to the next page by moving your cursor to the to right of the menu (the one with cart icon). From here, there will be two options available for you: View Cart or Checkout.

View Cart

In this page, you will see that there is a summary of your order that you have made. At the same time, there is also a coupon code subsection which you can use your coupon code (if applicable). Next, you can paste your promo or coupon code in that subsection and apply it in order to use it. When you are satisfied with the summary of your order, you can proceed by clicking Proceed to Checkout button below.


When you have reached the Checkout page, you just need to fill in your Billing Details if you are a first-time customer in DynaQuest PC. When you want to ship to a different address, fill in your shipping address under that subsection. Otherwise, untick or uncheck the box next to that subsection if you want to ship your order to billing address.

After checking your order and other relevant details, you can move on to pay for your order. Regarding payment method, you will be given three choices:

Direct Bank Transfer
Making direct payment into DynaQuest PC's bank account. Please remember to use your Order ID as the payment reference.
Cash on Delivery
You just need to pay with cash upon delivery.
Cheque Payment
When you are using cheque payment, please allow 3 banking days to clear the cheque.
  • After selecting the payment method that you want to use, click Place Order to place an order.
  • Finally, you will be receiving an message that shows about the confirmation of your order.
  • Sit tight and relax while waiting for your order to arrive in no time!

Contact Details

If you encounter any problem or issue regarding your order, feel free to contact DynaQuest PC via:

Email :

Tel : (02) 697-3077

Fax : (0906) 217-0440