Coupons on Airborne Tech


  • P250 on cute character flash drive promo

    P250 on cute character flash drive promo

  • P299.50 on slim power bank promo

    P299.50 on slim power bank promo

  • P540 only on Airbornetech Boombox Vibration Speaker

    P540 only on Airbornetech Boombox Vibration Speaker


How to Use Coupons and Deals from AirborneTech

Not only does airborne tech itself frequently have sales, but they also want you to take advantage of other coupons and deals they have on their website by informing you when they occur. As well as how to use them. The following is a brief explanation of how to use AirborneTech coupons and deals:

  1. Browse above for any coupons or deals that catch your eye!
  2. Ensure that the coupon or deal is steal valid.
  3. Click on “Get Code” or “View Deal”, if there is a coupon available, the code will be shown as a popup in a new window.
  4. Copy the coupon code.
  5. If there isn’t a coupon code available you will be given the option to go straight to the AirborneTech website by clicking on the option to “Go to Store.”
  6. Once at the AirborneTech website, browse around for products that relate to the coupon or deal that catch your interest.
  7. If you are directed to a specific page, be sure to read through the product description to see if the offered coupon or deal is what you want!
  8. If you are interested in what is being offered, click on “Add to Cart.”
  9. Browse around the store more!
  10. Once you have decided on what to purchase, go to your cart which can be found at the top of the page.
  11. Once at the Checkout page, insert the coupon code if applicable.
  12. Then proceed to checkout.
  13. Here you will either need to login or create an account in order to checkout your desired items. This will only take a few minutes so hang in there!
  14. After logging in or creating an account, you will be able to fill in your information like your billing info, shipping address, preferred shipping method, and payment info.
  15. Once done, you will be able to review your order right on the page.
  16. Finally, expect an email informing you of your checkout status promptly.

About AirborneTech

Hailing from the Philippines, AirborneTech is a local brand just breaking out into the international tech market. AirborneTech understand that when it comes to tech devices like power banks, flash drives, and speakers, people often live by the rules “The cheaper the better.” because who would be willing to shell out for the good stuff that, in the end, might not even be worth it.

But buying cheaper tech devices comes a few risks, such as accidentally purchasing unauthentic products that just don’t work, or having a power bank reach your doorstep as advertised but then it isn’t compatible with your device. AirborneTech reassures the market of its legitimacy and guarantees that their products are of a quality with other similar products within the international market, yet at the same time being up to standard with other more expensive tech products. That said, all of AirborneTechs products are well within the affordable price range for everyone and therefore accessible for all levels of consumers.

AirborneTech promises to uphold a front of integrity and capability to its customers and to present the best possible experience for their consumers.

Range of Products

Most well-known for their large and varied line of power banks, AirborneTech also produces a line of Airhead flash drives inspired by pop culture figures, speakers such as the Boombox Vibration Speaker, and other tech accessories.

Power banks by AirborneTech are typically unobtrusively portable as possible, being slim and durable enough to comfortably fit inside your pocket. Coming in mAH capacity ranging from 12,000 mAH powerhouses to mini power banks containing 2,600 mAH a pop, AirborneTech has a large pool of power banks to choose from depending on your preferences. Or, if you want something a bit more outdoorsy, AirborneTech has just recently created one of the first ever waterproof, sand proof, and shockproof power banks in the market.

Why Choose AirborneTech

Payment Methods – Paying for products while shopping online has always been something of a hassle, and forestalling this AirborneTech has a variety of ways for you to pay for your products. As a brand branching into the international market, AirborneTech has connections with payment portals like PayPal, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Banco De Oro (BDO), Wells Fargo, Western Union, and even with GCash, accepting MasterCard, Visa, and more.

Shipping Fees – The cost of the shipping fees depends on your place of residence, and whether AirborneTech is able to ship to you can be seen on a list while you’re checking out. If by chance your area is unreachable by AirborneTechs couriers, it will not appear as an option during your transaction. With connections to multiple courier services like LBC inc. a Philippines based courir, FedEx, DHL, Xend Xpress, Express Mail Service (EMS), and United States Postal Service (USPS), AirborneTech is fully capable of shipping internationally.

Frequent Discounts – Knowing your audience is just one part of keeping on top of the competition, and offering discount prices is a surefire way to earn the loyalty of your customers. AirborneTech offers frequent discounts and promotions on their website, which can be found right here on Rappler whenever there is a tantalizing new deal or awesome new discount.

Customer Service – Good customer service is the key to a successful company and AirborneTech ensures that there are many ways for customers to reach them, such as emailing them at or at, calling them through one of their 3 contact numbers+639175881826, +639178499403, (02) 9953035, or through their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. No matter what the communication channel, Airbornetech is guaranteed to reply to any of your enquiries.